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i4eye Horse Trailer Mirror
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The i4eye Horse Trailer Hitching Mirror

The i4eye Hitching Mirror is ideal for assisting you in reversing your tow vehicle to the correct position to be able to hitch onto your Horse Trailer Coupling.

The mirror fits to the front of your Horse Trailer and from the drivers seat of your vehicle you are able to see clearly the position of your trailers hitch and the position of your vehicles tow ball thus making reversing and hitching on a simple process.

This mirror will put you in the position to avoid your unnecessary jumping in and out of your vehicle to see when trying to hitch on alone if you are in the correct position.

The mirror comes complete with a single one hole mounting bracket and full easy to follow fitting instructions. The mirror once fitted is sturdy and fully adjustable to provide the correct vision required for most tow vehicles including pick up's and 4 x 4's.

The mirror comes with a universal mount allowing you to fit it to most Ifor Williams Horse Trailers plus the flexibility of mounting to non Ifor Williams Horse Trailers as well. The mirror is suitable for fitting to most horse trailer makes including Bateson, Rice, Richardson, Wessex, Fautras, Equi-Trek, Cheval, Sinclair, Bockman plus many others.

Our mirror is manufactured to the highest quality and complies to the UK vehicles certification agency (VCA) ISO9001:2000 standard.

A tried and tested product from Horse Trailer Shop now being marketed at a competitive price and makes an ideal spare part accessory for your horse trailer.

These mirrors are only available from our company so beware of non branded imitations, this is a great horse trailer spare parts product.

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If you have any questions over the fitting, use or suitability of the mirror for your horse trailer then please email us at

The Price

£24.99 plus postage

The mirror comes boxed and wrapped in bubble wrap for protection in transit.

How to Buy

The i4eye mirror is only available via our below on line horse trailer accessories mail order stores

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